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In this video I show how I use the app "Toca Kitchen" in my speech therapy to teach communication skills using core words. This game is highly motivating AND really great at targeting specific vocabulary to help children with autism start talking.

In this video I show how I use the app "Peekaboo Barn" in my speech therapy to teach communication skills using core word vocabulary. 

Using core words is the single best way to get children with autism to start building sentences. In this video I give examples of commonly used core words and how you can easily use them to help your child with autism start speaking in sentences.

Is your child with autism stuck using single words or having a hard time creating sentences? This video outlines how to be more strategic with the vocabulary you are choosing and why a "Core Word" approach helps children start speaking in sentences beyond simple requests like "I want."

I get a lot of phone calls from parents telling me that their child is able to ask for what they want but they aren't saying much more than that. In this video I describe how to get children beyond just requesting and using communication for a variety of purposes.

Are you concerned your child with autism isn't talking?  In this video I share my top 3 favorite communication strategies to help get kids talking. 


One of the absolute BEST ways to start helping your child with autism communicate is to make language VISUAL by using pictures or symbols. Sometimes parents have lots of doubts about using technology such as an iPad because they feel like they are giving up on spoken speech. In this video, I talk about how using technology actually HELPS children's language skills grow and often inspires the development of spoken communication.

In this video I talk about a brand new technology that helps children with autism learn social skills. The new app called "Moments" uses augmented reality to help teach various emotions and role-playing social scenarios to children with ASD.

Ever wonder how to get your child to put down an iPad or iPhone down without a struggle? In this video I explain how to use Guided Access to stop your child from having a meltdown when you take technology away.

Ever wonder what makes a child excited to learn? In this video I break down 5 Principles you can use to teach your child everything from tying their shoes to learning how to combine words in sentences. When you use these 5 principles children will be more engaged and retain what they've learned.



I use Guided Access every day so that kids aren't tempted to close out of an app and play a different game. This is also an amazing feature when you're using an iPad for communication. In this video I teach you how to enable guided access on your device.

Is your child with autism acting up? I work with children who have lots of maladaptive behaviors. Hitting, biting, screaming, crying… you name it! In this video I talk about the #1 behavior strategy that helps control ANY problematic behavior.