Are you frustrated your child isn't learning new skills as quickly as they could be? 

Do you feel like you might need a little extra support helping your child reach his or her true potential? 

Sometimes children require services beyond the scope of what traditional education can offer. When implemented correctly, a customized speech and language program in your home can create rapid improvements in communication and social skills. 


Benefits of a Customized Program 

Comprehensive assessment in the home allows a therapist to work closely with a child in order to identify areas of potential growth and adjust when necessary. 

Inclusion of parents and caregivers in the therapeutic process ensures that treatment strategies are prioritized to a family's primary concerns. 

Children perform better when they are in the comfort of a familiar place and know exactly what to expect. 

Working in a child's home allows a therapist to  effectively utilize a child's daily routines in order to create numerous opportunities to practice newly learned skills.