I’m Rachel Madel.

Rachel Madel

I’m a Los Angeles based speech therapist, parent coach, autism expert and technology guru dedicated to helping your child reach their true potential. 

Every day I work closely with parents of children with autism helping them to weave simple communication strategies into their child's daily life. These strategies are useful at home, at the playground, waiting in line at Target and everywhere in between. I also provide trainings and tips for speech therapists too. 

On this website you will find lots of useful content and resources--including my video series--that you can start using today to help inspire your child's communication to grow. Every child deserves a voice. Even if your child is non-verbal at the moment, I will help you find theirs. 

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Ever wonder how to get your child to put down an iPad or iPhone down without a struggle? In this video I explain how to use Guided Access to stop your child from having a meltdown when you take technology away. 

Is your child with autism acting up? I work with children who have lots of maladaptive behaviors. Hitting, biting, screaming, crying... you name it! In this video I talk about the #1 behavior strategy that helps control ANY problematic behavior. 

One of the absolute BEST ways to start helping your child with autism communicate is to make language VISUAL by using pictures or symbols. Sometimes parents have lots of doubts about using technology such as an iPad because they feel like they are giving up on spoken speech.
Ever wonder what makes a child excited to learn? In this video I break down 5 Principles you can use to teach your child everything from tying their shoes to learning how to combine words in sentences. When you use these 5 principles children will be more engaged and retain what they've learned.
Are you concerned your child with autism isn't communicating effectively? Use these three strategies to help your child communicate more effectively.




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