Speech Therapy Video Consultations

Do you have a child with autism who's struggling to communicate?

Perhaps you feel overwhelmed that your child isn't talking, or you aren't sure they are getting what they need from their current speech therapy program.  Everyday I work closely with parents just like you from all over the world to help provide clarity on what areas you should be focusing on to  optimize your child's communication.  Together we will create an action plan that leads to more successful connection and conversation with your child. 


You'll walk away from our video consultation with:

  • Targeted goal areas for your child's team to prioritize that will lead to more successful communication exchanges.
  • Coaching strategies that will help you reveal your child's primary communication motivation and ways to embed communication opportunities through their day.
  • AAC technology guidance to optimize the use of pictures or an iPad to help children with limited verbal communication build language skills.
  •  Custom resources you can begin using at home to increase your child's communication learning potential.

Listen below as Nadine shares how my technology strategies have increased communication with her twin boys Christian and Christopher, who are nonverbal with autism. 

"If we help them with communication, then we can help them with everything else."-Nadine

Testimonials from parents and therapists

"I have been trying to introduce an AAC communication device to my son, Austen since he was about 3 years old. I had such a hard time finding out how to introduce it to him, and every person I turned to had a different way they wanted to do it, and we all got frustrated as a consequence. Rachel, however, was super amazing, totally understanding my family dynamic and how Austen utilizes the iPad. She quickly figured out how many words he should have on his iPad, and had a very easy method for us to use, breaking down everything into small steps. Austen is now communicating a lot more, not only on his iPad, but verbally and nonverbally as well." -Karie, parent
"Before my consultation with Rachel, I wasn't sure what to do for a client I recently began seeing. She helped me figure out a starting point and develop a plan for my client, and I was so thankful! I gained a wealth of knowledge that I didn't have before, and it helped me feel confident in my therapy and gain a better understanding of AAC. She doesn't follow a cookie cutter approach but instead takes each individual child into account. She is so positive and inspirational!" -Cynthia B., speech therapist