Not sure how to use a communication board? 

No worries.  

I break it down step-by-step for you below. 

Step 1: Find highly motivating activity. 

ANYTHING that makes your child smile and laugh!

Step 2: Make it Visible.

Place the board on the table so that it’s facing your child and they have easy access to it.

Step 3: Start modeling! 

The best way for your child to learn how to use a communication board is to watch you do it first. Simply tap on each picture as you say a word. 

Step 4: Inspire, don’t Require. 

Inspire your child to communicate by finding motivating activities for them to talk about.  Model how to say words or phrases but never force them to say it after you.  

Step 5: Never stop Practicing. 

Children learn through repetition. Find numerous opportunities throughout your child’s day to use the communication board to reinforce new vocabulary.