Speech Therapy Consultation


Is your child struggling to communicate?

Set up a consultation where we discuss your child's abilities and current speech therapy program and together we can brainstorm a treatment plan that will help get them communicating more effectively.


Is your child non-verbal?

Technology can help! I can teach you the basics on how to set up a system that can help you connect with your child and finally be able to hear what they have to say. If your child is already set up with a device, I can help troubleshoot why they might not be using it.

SPOILER ALERT: I find that most devices aren't set up in a way that facilitates quick & easy communication. 


Do you need help with the IEP Process?  

A lot of the families I work with are struggling with their school team to develop a strategic plan of action. I can help look over your IEP and determine if it's optimized to accelerate communication. Together we can work to integrate communication goals across school +home + ABA settings and prioritize which goals should be focused on first. 


Speaking Engagements 

If you're interested in having me speak at one of your events then reach out and let me know! I love spreading awareness about autism and simple supports that parents and teachers can start implementing to make real changes start happening with communication. Don't live in the United States? Not a problem. Every year I choose one organization abroad to provide a FREE training to staff and parents. 


Tech Consulting

I love working with app developers to help create technology that supports communication + social skills from a developmental perspective. I have a particular interest in emerging technology that integrates augmented and virtual reality. My most recent project was an augmented reality app to help children with autism learn social skills. I also co-host a weekly podcast that covers the latest and greatest apps in education technology.  Get in touch if you want to explore ways that we can work together to support your app development. 



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