Client testimonials

My son is 8 with limited language. Rachel has been amazing with him. Not only did she introduce a talking device, but she worked with his school and school aid to make sure we are all on the same page. She is a pleasure to be around, strong and loving to my son and most of all effective. We have seen several speech therapists through the years and no one has been better than Rachel.
— Michelle (Studio City)
We started seeing Rachel and Lynette a couple of months ago, and we are already seeing a lot of progress. Rachel is very patient, resourceful, and incredibly talented. She was able to identify my son’s deficits very quickly, and started targeting those deficits. She makes the sessions exciting and fun, my son looks forward to see her every week. She also collaborates with our other therapists and gives them great ideas and tools that they can use in their sessions, and also to us as parents. We also work with Lynette who who is also very talented, extremely patient and has a lot of experience with kids on the spectrum. We are very lucky to have them. It’s such a wonderful team!
— Lulit (West Los Angeles)
Rachel has been working with my 5 year old who has Autism for the last year. She is incredibly patient and creative in her approach to working with kids on the spectrum. She hones in on the interests of each child and has the ability to make therapy fun. My sons language and reciprocal conversation skills have increased tremendously since working with her. I feel so lucky to have found her and know that my son is getting the best therapy out there!
— Carri (Studio City)
Rachel has been working with our son for almost 3 years. She started working with him in Philadelphia in 2012/2013. We decided to move back to LA in 2014 and were so happy when Rachel decided to move to LA as well. She has been working with our son steadily since then. Under her guidance, he has made great strides in speech, auditory processing and social communication. She does an excellent job of understanding his potential and teaches him the best way that he learns instead of trying to fit him into a mold. For all of our vast experiences with SLP’s this was a game changer for us. Some of our other favorite aspects are she provides a detailed review with “at home” practice suggestions. She’s very flexible and now that he has progressed so much, she incorporates reading and book report homework into her weekly lesson plans. Rachel is a pleasure to work with, upbeat and excited to help our son improve. She celebrates his progress as much as we do. To note, we have recommended Rachel to personal friends and the feedback is always extremely positive and impressed at the level of her knowledge and service.
— Rob (Manhattan Beach)
I am the nanny of a precious 8 year old boy with Autism. Rachel has been his speech therapist for about a year now, and the speech and communication gains we have seen in him are nothing short of remarkable. He is a different child. Rachel is not just an incredibly gifted SLP, but she also lovingly connects on a level that only a person with true passion for what they do would be capable of. It is simply magical to witness their sessions together. If you are seeking the best speech therapist in Los Angeles (or anywhere else), look no further. This woman will change your child’s life. Rest assured she is worth every cent, and so much more. We love you, Rachel!
— Kara (Studio City)
Rachel is a very kind, compassionate and patient individual. She brings one of her clients to the farmers market where I work and teaches him how to shop and be social in a busy setting. It is amazing for me to watch her with him because you can really tell how much she wants to teach him new things and it is so special getting to see his progress every week! Rachel’s passion exudes her and you can tell just by looking at her how much she loves her work and her clients!
— Lauren (Manhattan Beach)
My son is 7 years old, non verbal, and was diagnosed with autism four years ago. Rachel has been working with him for over a year. We have seen great progress since then. She is also very patient with my son, even when he has his meltdowns. She is able to help him get refocused and back to what they were working on. He is always so happy to see her and looks forward to all their sessions. We are so glad to have her with us and consider her a part of the family. We have been through many speech therapists and Rachel is by far the best. Thank you Rachel for all that you’ve done for our son!
— Winda (Manhattan Beach)