Lynette Toma 

Lynette’s approach to speech therapy is grounded in understanding the importance of creating supportive spaces for children to foster communication and confidence. Through her 18 years of experience in homes and school-based settings, Lynette evaluates a child's individual needs in order to develop unique teaching strategies to optimize learning. She has a high level of experience working with children with autism and ADHD, as well as hearing impairment, cochlear implants, childhood apraxia of speech, Down syndrome, auditory processing disorder and global developmental delays. She has extensive experience with various forms of assistive technology, including work with PECS and speech-generating devices such as Proloquo2go, TouchChat CoWriter, Notability, and Choiceworks.  Most recently, she authored a children's book entitled, "I Can Dance, Too!" which teaches children to accept and appreciate differences amongst peers. Lynette is currently licensed to practice speech therapy in the state of California. She holds a bachelor's of science in Communication Science and Disorders from Wayne State University and a certification in Assistive Technology Applications from California State University Northridge. 



As speech-language pathologist, Jordan’s approach to therapy is grounded in fostering independence and instilling confidence in clients. He is experienced working with  various populations including children with autism, ADHD, social-pragmatic language disorder, auditory process, expressive/receptive language delay and articulation delay.  He specializes in the treatment of social-pragmatic deficits where he creates customized strategies to assist clients in understanding the nuances of social interactions.  With targeted treatment, Jordan is able to help children develop more confidence when interacting with new acquaintances,  understand others perspectives and increase overall conversational skills.  He is experienced in leading both individual and group social skills instruction using the Social Thinking Curriculum.  Once children learn foundational social skills, Jordan helps to apply them in real-life scenarios out in the community to ensure the skills are generalized.  Additionally, Jordan has experience utilizing technology supports such as Conversation Builder to aid children in conversational turn-taking. Jordan currently holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders from Elmhurst College and a Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology from St. Ambrose University. He holds a Certificate of Clinical Competence in speech-language pathology from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) and is credentialed to provide speech therapy in the state of California.